6 Reasons PSAP Approval Matters

You may have seen or heard of posts promoting the Pilates School Approval Program and PSAP Approved Schools, and it may all be drowned out with so many other promotions that you may not feel it is relevant to you. After all, as long as you work hard to learn the material, you should walk away with a good education, right?


Unfortunately, this is not always the case. While many schools offer valuable learning experiences, not all programs are equal. This is why PSAP approval is important and why it should matter to you.

1) You know you'll receive quality education

PSAP approval ensures that a school has sufficient resources, faculty and student services for your education. Approval is not a simple matter; it is not just about the number of Mats available. The PSAP evaluates the curriculum, assesses student learning, and makes sure that the faculty have sufficient experience to train you.

2) Your school is recognized

The Standards that PSAP Approved Schools meet are applicable and easily understood by the entire industry. The value of PSAP Standards transcend state lines and country borders.

3) You will be appealing to future employers

Remember that potential employers never see you in a classroom. They review your resume and look at the name of the school where you studied. Coming from a PSAP Approved School means that it is easier for your future employers to understand where you were trained and the standards your school meets. PSAP Approved Schools do not teach weekend trainings or offer online "certifications"; they have been vetted by the only standards-based approval program in the Pilates industry.

4) You know the school will continuously improve

PSAP approval is designed to help schools boost their performance efforts for the benefit of their students. Educators of PSAP Approved Schools commit to develop beyond currently defined competencies, and it is this tireless dedication to the continuous improvement of their school that leads to true organizational effectiveness. This means that you can feel comfortable with your choice of education provider.

5) You can be confident that your school is transparent

PSAP Approved Schools have committed to transparency with their policies and procedures and have moved beyond internal, isolated discussions. They have moved to join a larger industry-wide conversation, a conversation that requires them to commit to a rigorous process of analysis and evaluation.

6) Your school (and you) benefit from important relationships

Schools participating in the approval process benefit from shared expertise. PSAP is a program that allows schools from around the world to collaborate and communicate to learn from one another. Schools can support an international dialogue in order to grow as an industry and community that are dedicated to quality education.

If the school you decide to attend is not yet PSAP Approved, it is important to at least make sure that their program meets the standards that are most important to you, which have been outlined here in detail. It is up to you to make sure that you receive the quality of education that will lead to the successful career that you deserve!


The Pilates School Approval Program is here to help you! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.