Want to Build a Rewarding Pilates Career?



the Box!

For many Pilates instructors who receive their teaching diploma, the natural next step is a career at a studio or gym. You may not have considered that your Pilates education can open the door to a wide-ranging career limited only by your creativity!


Outside of the traditional roles, there are other opportunities to seize:



Pilates instructors are uniquely trained as neuromuscular re-educators. Every session is about examining how a person moves through an exercise and how to improve it. With their Pilates training, graduates can work closely with physiotherapists, physical therapists, chiropractors and others. For example, cross-pattern exercises taught in Pilates can provide benefits for people suffering from dementia and Alzheimer’s.


Training for armed services

Another option is to set up training programs for the armed services, both during and after time served, similar to the  “Wounded Warriors Project”. The heavy gear carried by members of the military requires substantial strength, and even more core stability. Your Pilates education can offer tremendous benefit to them.



Joseph Pilates felt his exercises were so valuable they should be taught as part of physical education programs in schools. While many schools have a set curriculum, parents opting to home school their children could be an ideal customer target for Pilates teachers to build their career and business.



Opportunities also exist in the entertainment field with organizations like Cirque de Soleil. Similar to dancers, many performers are hyper-mobile and require further training in stabilization. A number of athletes have proclaimed the benefit of adding Pilates to their training (it was said that Kobe Bryant even had a Reformer in the Lakers training room!).



The movement side of Pilates as a career is quite vast, but Pilates teachers also have other skills they might use to expand their career. Pilates instructors have a unique eye for what is visually appealing and for detecting correct movement and alignment. These skills would be invaluable for photography, videography or the creation of other content for marketing teams.



Pilates is often a second career. If a graduate’s first career was in business or management, these skills are perfect for managing a studio or other enterprise. One can even provide education to Pilates professionals for starting and running a business.


My first degree is in Business Computer Information Systems, which helped me play an integral role when working with software and web designers on the needs of a Pilates business. Business management skills have also been very helpful. While I did not think I would use this experience as a Pilates teacher,  it has proven to be invaluable as the world becomes more dependent on platforms for scheduling and accounting.


Someone with a business background may have experience in writing, editing, or grant writing to help with funding. A love for research could lead to a job that involves providing insights or statistics on the benefits of Pilates and other aspects of our industry.


Human Resources training is another field with opportunities: Pilates is a unique business, but the industry must still follow state and federal guidelines for employment, including independent contractor laws.


Finally, experience in diversity, equity and inclusion training could be used to help combat discrimination in the industry, to raise awareness, increase workplace morale, and improve productivity.



Pilates needs advocates for legislation. Our industry expects policies and laws to represent and support us, but many people do not even understand what Pilates is, its benefits or the specific needs of Pilates professionals. Advocacy offers an untapped opportunity to seek long-term benefits for all of us.


A rewarding career in the Pilates industry is limited only by your imagination. Combining your passion for Pilates with other skills will open the door for many opportunities that can make your career in this field we all love both fulfilling and profitable.

Stella Hull-Lampkin

BASI Operations Manager