PSAP Applications: Common Mistakes and Useful Strategies

You have decided that it is time to grow your Pilates teacher-training program; you want more visibility for your school, better enrollment numbers, and you want to review your current systems to ensure you offer what is best for your students.

Whether you have already started a PSAP application or you are considering joining the movement, this article will help you navigate the approval process by reviewing common mistakes to avoid when completing an application, and by offering useful strategies to become a PSAP Approved School. 

Common mistakes

Viewing the Standards as separate pieces rather than parts of a whole.

Even if you are working on one Standard at the time, it is important not to forget the relationship between the Standards. A Standard cannot be answered if it is not seen in its context or if you lose sight of the big picture.

Not being prepared for the work.

The value of becoming a PSAP Approved School lies in the fact that it is a thorough process. This means that you need to mentally prepare for the length of the procedure, as well as its complexity.

Not checking your understanding of the Standards.

Grasping the meaning of the Standards is not necessarily easy and it is always a good idea to discuss them with someone, to brainstorm ideas with that person to make sure that you have a common understanding.

Not making PSAP Approval your priority.

Even if you still have a business to run and classes to teach, it is important to work on your application on a regular basis. Taking long breaks from the process will make you lose your motivation and lose track of your work.

Attaching the entire School Catalog in every Standard.

For each Standard, you will be asked to attach one specific page of your Catalog. Make sure to follow the instructions: if you have to update your School Catalog, unless you only attached the page relevant to the section, you will have to review all the Standards.

Useful strategies

Create strategies to stay motivated.

Before you start an application, analyze your mindset and your motivation. Write down the reasons why you want to become PSAP Approved and read this list if the process seems overwhelming. You can also choose an easier task, such as attaching documents or following templates.

Set realistic expectations of what is to come.

Read all the Standards and make a list of what you already have, as well as what needs to be done.

Prepare some resources.

Use the templates provided by the PSAP, attend the workshops we offer at conferences and join our webinars. You can also always contact us if you have any questions.

Get organized and have a good file naming system.

Use an Excel spreadsheet or files to save your texts and documents. Make sure everything is stored safely. A good file naming system will allow you to easily identify the documents that need to be attached to each Standard.

If you have a team, collectively roll up your sleeves.

It makes a big difference in time and energy to delegate parts of the Standards, but make sure that everyone is clear about their contribution and that someone who knows the big picture leads the way.

The main strategy you should follow is to work with your strengths and weaknesses. If you are a procrastinator, don't delay; establish deadlines and milestones to respect. If you tend to get discouraged, don't stay alone - enlist some moral support. If you don't know how to handle a big project, divide it into chunks so you don't get intimidated.



Simply trust yourself! You can do this, and we are here to help.