Completing the Self-Study Report

The online application consists of 10 Educational Standards and Subcategories. It requires schools to provide evidence of compliance with each of the Standards by writing a narrative and by uploading evidence. The application is known as the Self-Study Report.

  • Explanations of the Standards: Each Standard has an explanation defining what the school should write in the narrative to demonstrate its compliance with the Educational Standard.

  • Subcategories: Some Standards have subcategories. The number of subcategories varies from Standard to Standard. For each Subcategory, the school must write a narrative and upload evidence to demonstrate its compliance.

  • Required Narrative: The narrative can be up to 3000 words and must be in English. For longer narratives, a separate document should be uploaded. Several elements can be required in the explanation; applicants must address the entirety of the explanation in the required narrative.

  • Evidence: This section identifies evidence that must be uploaded in English to validate the school's narrative. Uploads may be documents, screen shots, manuals or charts. All uploaded evidence must be in PDF, word, jpg or Excel format and must not exceed 2MB (5MB on the homepage). The application allows for 4 uploads per subcategory.

Important note: Applicants should read the Standards and gather all necessary evidence before starting the application.