Procedures are in place to protect the public

PSAP Approved Schools have demonstrated that they meet 10 Educational Standards developed by the Pilates Method Alliance with the support of leaders in the Pilates educational sector. By addressing different aspects of a school (such as teachers qualifications, equipment, curriculum, School Catalog, Enrollment Agreement, assessments, etc.), these Standards protect the public.

All PSAP Approved Schools are also bound by an Agreement as a condition of PSAP Approval.

Disciplinary Procedures for PSAP Approved Schools

The Disciplinary Procedures are intended to ensure that PSAP Approved Schools adhere to all required Educational Standards and agreed terms, thereby protecting the integrity and the reputation of the PSAP, and protecting the public from unethical behavior on the part of a PSAP Approved School.


File a complaint against a PSAP Approved School

Before a complaint against a PSAP Approved School is filed, the following documents must be read:

To file a complaint, a Charge Statement must be requested at