Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What should I do with the link I received by email when I started my application?

    It is very important that you save this unique link. It is unlikely that you will complete the application in one day; it is that link that will allow you to access your application to continue your work, if you have saved and exited. Please note that your session will expire after two hours of inactivity. You should also consider creating a folder in your email program for the approval process, to store important links and correspondence. Finally, you should make a backup copy of your files and narratives.

  2.  What should I do if I lose the link to access my application?

    Email us at; we will resend your unique link.


  3. Do I need to install any software on my computer for the Pilates School Approval Program?

    You will need Adobe Flash Player installed on your computer. The approval program can be accessed with any browser. However, be careful to use the buttons of the program and not of the browser, and to click “save and exit” before closing your browser. You will lose all your work if you fail to exit the program properly.


  4. What do I need to do before I start my application? 

    You must read the information on the PSAP website. You must review the Standards and gather all necessary evidence before starting the process. You must be able to meet all the Standards to be approved.  


  5. Who should I contact if I need help? 

    You can contact us by email ( or by phone (+1 305-573-4946 ext. 202).


  6. How long can I take to complete my application? 

    There is no time limit to complete your application. The reasonable timeframe for completion is 3 to 6 months (about 100 hours), depending on the number of days and hours per day you can commit to the application.


  7. How long can my narratives be? 

    Required narratives cannot exceed 3000 characters (approximately 400 words). If you need more, you can create a PDF and upload it to the standard.


  8. How do I know which standards are complete? 

    Incomplete standards buttons will have a red border. Once the standard is complete, the border will turn green.


  9. How should I use the templates? 

    Templates are provided on the PSAP website for the construction of critical Evidence. You are welcome to add additional content. The templates are not trademarked or registered so any logos, font and colors may be inserted.


  10. What should I do if my files are too large to be attached? 

    The size limit for the required documents on the home page is 5MB. You can also attach 4 documents to each standard (maximum 2MB per attachment). If your file is too large, make sure that you are not attaching more than  what is necessary (in most cases, samples are enough). You can also compress the document, reduce its quality or divide it into several documents. If you need help, you can send your document to the PSAP team (


  11. What should I write if we are a small school and we don’t have a management team, written strategies, and policies and procedures like larger schools? 

    Policies, procedures, strategies and any other structural process required by the standards can be proportional to the size of the organization. The description of any structure in a small organization can be brief and descriptive, but the creation of the most basic system allows for growth and better understanding within a school’s administration.

    Management team: In some cases, one or two people represent the entire management team.

    Policies and procedures: Some organizations have one source for all policies and procedures. Smaller organizations may have policies that are specific to individual processes, and either approach is acceptable in addressing the standards. The School Catalog can be used in the creation of many of the most important policies and procedures.

    Strategies: The simplest example of strategies is a description of the interrelations and hierarchies within an organization. Regardless of size, any set of decisions or processes that are repeatedly followed are strategies. In the case of a small organization, strategies may be described in one paragraph.

  12. Who is going to see my application? 

    All applications are reviewed by the PSAP Application Reviewers, who are employees of the Pilates Method Alliance. Your information in the application is confidential and will not be shared.



  • It is understood that Joseph Pilates created more apparatus than those currently required for compliance with some Standards. The apparatus required for compliance represents what has been identified as commonly used in the industry at this time and, as such, is subject to change. Additional apparatus invented by Joseph Pilates but not required for compliance with this Standard include the Bean Bag, Finger Corrector, Toe Corrector, Foot Corrector, Pinwheel, Ped-o-Pull, Magic Circle, Head Harness and more.

  • The school must inform graduates that their contact information will be shared with the PMA and obtain consent prior to submission of rosters as evidence.