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Choosing the right Pilates school

With so many schools out there, how do you choose the one that is right for you? The Pilates School Approval Program assists you in making the right choice.

The Pilates School Approval Program analyzes the following elements before approving a school:

School catalog: The PSAP examines attendance requirements, dismissal policies, costs, descriptions of courses and programs, the refund policy and grading requirements. 

Enrollment agreement: The PSAP reviews the school's contract with the student for details, including costs, the refund policy, requirements for graduation and a student's right to cancel.

Refund Policy: The PSAP requires schools to have a refund policy for students that leave the program prior to completion. The minimum refund policy for any PSAP approved school is the following: If the student leaves having completed 10% or less of the program, the refund is 90% less cancellation charge; if the student leaves having completed 25% or less of the program, the refund is 75% less cancellation charge; if the student leaves having completed between 25% and 50% of the program, the refund is 50% less cancellation charge; if the student leaves after 50% of the program, there is no refund.

Teachers’ biographies: The PSAP requires that the Program Director and any other instructional personnel have completed a comprehensive teacher training program. Their biographies must be published in the School Catalog.

Facilities: The PSAP requires that approved schools provide the necessary space and apparatus to teach the comprehensive program.

Curriculum Content: The PSAP requires all curriculum content to have a minimum of 450 hours that is taught on mat and all apparatus. The hours include observation, self-practice and student teaching (PMA Minimum Standards).

Assessments: The PSAP requires that performance standards are clearly outlined and that students are regularly assessed with both written and practical assessments. 



  • Please always refer to our PSAP School Directory for the most current list of approved schools.

  • Students do not need to graduate from a PSAP approved school to take the NPCP certification exam.


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PSAP Approved Schools have demonstrated that they meet 10 Educational Standards. Disciplinary Procedures are in place to ensure that PSAP Approved Schools adhere to these Educational Standards and agreed terms. If you would like to file a complaint against a PSAP Approved School, click the button below.

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