Establishing Standards For Pilates Schools

Raising the bar​

The Pilates School Approval Program (PSAP) is a program developed by the Pilates Method Alliance to recognize schools that have gone through a rigorous process to show their compliance with Educational Standards. It is also a tool for students to find institutions offering comprehensive teacher training programs.


To become PSAP approved, schools must complete an online application in English. 

PSAP Mission Statement:

The mission of the PSAP is to develop professional standards in Pilates education and to assist in the further improvement of schools and their program, following established vocational education norms. 

Key activities:

  • To award approval to those schools that have provided evidence that they meet the 10 Educational Standards, established with the support of industry leaders

  • To support the interests of Pilates education through the development of Standards

  • To advance professionalism in Pilates education delivery

Schools benefit from PSAP because it:

  • helps them improve their schools

  • recognizes schools for meeting Educational Standards

  • gives schools a competitive edge

  • provides marketing exposure through the PMA / PSAP 


Students use PSAP because it:

  • ensures they invest in quality Pilates education

  • helps students find and compare schools offering comprehensive programs

  • assures graduates of eligibility for the certification exam

  • protects students' interests

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The Pilates School Approval Program is a program of the Pilates Method Alliance.