Logo Rules

Use of logo:

The logo may be placed on the school website, manuals, school catalog, and any promotional materials that advertise the comprehensive program. The logo is specific to an individual school with a current approved status. PSAP approval is specific to a location.


  • The logo is not to be used to promote a studio, workshops, individual teachers or any other web page, advertisement, or social media platform that does not directly reference the approved comprehensive program

  • There should be no suggestion of a relationship between the approval of the school and the PMA Certification Program, or any implication of exclusive access to the Certification Program

  • The PSAP is not an accreditation

  • Approved schools may not use the term “accredited” to describe their approval status

  • Approved schools cannot refer to themselves as “PMA Schools”


  • The acronym for the Pilates School Approval Program is ”PSAP”

  • Approved schools are “PSAP Approved Schools”


  • The correct reference for an approved school is “PSAP Approved Pilates School”

  • Reference may be made to the PMA: “The PSAP is a program of the PMA”

Important note: The appropriate use of the PSAP logo, acronyms, and references is the responsibility of an approved school. Misuse of the logo, acronym or inappropriate reference to approval status may lead to loss of approval. Misuse of PSAP logo should be reported to psap@pilatesmethodalliance.org