Promoting your PSAP Approved Status

Congratulations! Your school worked hard to become PSAP Approved.


We encourage you to celebrate and promote your PSAP Approved Status with the audiences that matter most: staff, students, and the Pilates community. 


Here are a few suggested ways to celebrate and publicize your school's PSAP Approved Status: 

  • Include the PSAP Approved School logo indicating Approved Status on school stationery, website, and any other published materials. Need an electronic copy of the logo? Email us for jpeg and png files.

  • Display your Certificate of Approval in a prominent place in your school.

  • Note your PSAP Approved Status in your standard phone greeting, live and recorded.

  • Check out local cable and public access channels, magazines, or blogs for opportunities to profile your school and the PSAP Approval process.

  • Add to your marketing materials, “A Message to our Students: You are enrolled in a PSAP Approved School” and make them available at your school and on your website.

These are just a few ways you can gain full value from your PSAP Approved Status. If the PSAP team can be of any assistance with your publicity endeavors, don’t hesitate to contact us!


The PSAP helps promote your Approved Status by: 


  • providing a "PSAP Approved School" logo to add to your website and promotional materials.

  • providing a printed copy of a "PSAP Certificate of Approval" for you to display in your school.

  • featuring your PSAP Approved School in our directory on our website.

  • communicating with prospective students the benefits of selecting a PSAP approved school.

  • providing marketing materials to promote your PSAP Approved Status to your prospective students.

  • running marketing campaigns (social media & email) about the PSAP for brand awareness.

  • using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - the PSAP website has SEO content to make sure that prospective students easily find the PSAP website and can identify PSAP Approved Schools. 

  • using Google Adwords - the PMA features the PSAP in its Google Adwords campaigns to make sure that students easily find the PSAP website when using Google.


We would also like to remind you that you are bound by an Agreement as a condition of PSAP Approval.

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