School catalog: a professional upgrade for your Pilates school

A school catalog is a vital element of any school. Whether you are in the process of getting PSAP approved, considering applying for PSAP approval, looking to give your Pilates school a professional upgrade, or about to become state licensed, writing a school catalog will clarify your philosophy and fine tune all the elements of your school.

Why should you have a school catalog?

  1. To follow education industry standards: Pilates schools are educational institutions. A standard requirement for educational institutions is to have a school catalog and an enrollment agreement, which act as a record of transaction when a student enrolls in a program. Pilates schools should not only try to provide the highest quality education, but also make sure that they meet education industry standards.

  2. To enjoy the benefits of having a school catalog: aside from the fact that having a catalog is a requirement for a school, the catalog is a document with valuable benefits:

  • It establishes your school’s legitimacy as an educational institution because it demonstrates that you follow transparent business and educational practices.

  • It provides accountability for the student (the catalog clearly states the demands of the program) and the school (the catalog acts as a pledge to offer a solid program).

  • It protects the student and the school, as it is part of a record of transaction between your school and the student.

  • It is a comprehensive resource to introduce your school to the public and advertise its quality.

 How do you write a school catalog?

  1. Get organized before you start: writing a school catalog is an important task, so make sure you are ready before you begin. Read the PSAP catalog template; collect the information you will need (teachers’ biographies, costs, etc.); create a file on your computer and keep your files organized.

  2. Make sure you are clear and transparent: it is important to present the information with clarity and transparency. Clarity is needed to ensure that prospective students understand what your school offers and what is expected of them. Transparency is vital when presenting financial aspects of your program and explaining how the school conducts daily operations. Clarity and transparency are effective marketing tools to show that your school is a solid institution, with explicit educational and business practices. This will help you attract the right students, who will in turn become your school’s best promoters.

  3. Tell the story of your school: education is a process. Students go through admission procedures, enroll in the program, study, pass exams and graduate. Document all these steps and make sure to highlight what makes your school unique. Remember, it is important to attract compatible students. If you breathe some life into your catalog, if you put your signature on it, you increase your chances of attracting students who will appreciate what you offer and will choose your program for its uniqueness.

  4. Make sure you include all the necessary elements: prospective students need to know your mission and goals, the program(s) you offer, the costs, the admission requirements, the enrollment procedures, the attendance requirements, the leave of absence policy, the conduct and dismissal policy, the grading system, the progress policy, the refund policy, the system you have in place in case of grievances, the requirements for satisfactory completion, the transfer of credits policy, the teachers’ biographies and what your facilities look like. You can use the PSAP catalog template to ensure your document is comprehensive.

Make your catalog available to download.

It is extremely important to publish your school catalog on your website. The notion that your program and the way you run your school should be a secret shared only with a few is misleading. Making your catalog available is a professional norm and is liberating. It will demonstrate the legitimacy of your school and boost your confidence as an educator. Don’t undermine your profession by hiding what you do. The true essence of your program cannot be copied. 


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