You love Pilates, but can you make a living teaching it?

You have a passion for Pilates!

Perhaps you discovered first-hand the benefits of Pilates in a fitness class or rehab program. Maybe you were introduced to Pilates as part of a formal curriculum in personal training or physical education. Your interest blossomed and now you’re wondering: Can I make a living doing what I love?


The short answer is “Yes, it is possible to support yourself as a Pilates instructor."

The longer answer is that there are multiple factors that can affect your earning potential.


Warren Buffett said that, “In the world of business, the people who are most successful are those who are doing what they love.” That’s definitely true for Pilates instructors. The love of the Pilates Method is the foundation for a successful career as a professional instructor. Well-trained instructors are in demand because they are uniquely qualified to help clients become healthier. Becoming a well-trained instructor who is also financially successful requires a strong work ethic — which, when you’re doing what you love, means you’re applying your hard work exactly where it needs to be.


The average pay rate (2020-2021) for Pilates instructors in the US is about $30.00 per hour, and ranges from about $10 to about $50 per hour. Geography and regional demand affect pay rates, as do experience and certification. Certified Pilates instructors earn an average of 5% more than those without certification. Experienced, certified instructors with specialized training command the highest prices.


Will you teach full-time? Large or small classes? Individual, one-on-one training? At your own facility, as part of a fitness or medical center, or other facility? As a business owner, a contractor, or an employee? These choices all affect your bottom line. At the beginning of your career, you may work as an employee or contractor part-time at a fitness or rehab facility, later moving to full-time or developing your own independent practice. You might even decide to launch your own school or training program, becoming one of the schools recognized by the Pilates Method Alliance in the Pilates School Approval Program!


Certification is an important indicator of commitment and success. Aspiring Pilates instructors as well as current instructors wishing to improve their skills and their earning potential are best served by studying and training in schools that provide mat and all required Pilates apparatus training. This training approach readies the student to meet the requirements of the National Pilates Certification Program. The NPCT credential provides assurance that the Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher is competent in the provision of services.


The bottom line — literally and figuratively — to becoming a successful Pilates teacher begins with a great education. If there’s a formula for success, it’s this:


Passion for Pilates + Excellent Education + Love of Guiding Clients to Better Health = Happy (Paying) Clients and a Healthy Bottom Line!

Don Spence, NCPT, 

Owner of Pilates Career Institute



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