The result: a professional presentation of my school.
"The process in becoming a PSAP Approved School truly helped clarify our policies and procedures in an easy and orderly fashion. In the Pilates world, many times, we as teachers have to bridge the gap between being teachers and business people. Something that is difficult to do! The PSAP team was incredibly supportive during the entire process and the result - a professional presentation of my school, our mission and our goals."
Kathryn Ross-Nash,
The Red Thread
More credibility, peace of mind for your students and a process to make your school stronger.

"PSAP helped us refine our school processes. Many of our procedures were informal; PSAP allowed us to clarify them, to define roles, to establish who executes what and to formalize our policies and guidelines. All these steps helped us make our processes flow better, with more structure on a daily basis. PSAP helped us review all the aspects of our school, from teachers to students, from curriculum to academic structure and from records to sales information.

We found many useful tools on the PSAP website, like templates that allowed us organize the information properly.

Thanks to PSAP approval, we have more credibility as a school and it gives students peace of mind.

Although many moments were arduous, we are happy to have gone through the process because in the end, we emerged stronger."

Alicia Garcia, 
Evolution Academy
We recommend the process to all Pilates schools!
"I cannot express how satisfied I am with the process that I went through with PSAP, specifically with Orianne. From start to end, I received constructive feedback each time and she really helped us become PSAP Approved. She was so patient and professional! Through this process, we were able to set up and implement new policies and procedures for our school in Orange County, CA. Being a PSAP Approved School is a big privilege because people know that we are serious about the program and that the school meets a high standard of practice. We are extremely happy with our approved status and recommend to all Pilates schools to go through the process. You won't regret it!"
Woo Yang Chun, 
Pilates Culture
An accomplishment to be proud of.

"We found that going through such a comprehensive and precise application process with the Pilates School Approval Program not only helped to hugely clarify all policies and management of the overall program, but boosted our confidence in the quality of the program and support we were already offering to our students. It was a rigorous process, rightly so, and this provided huge satisfaction and pride for the whole team and our students. Orianne was an absolutely brilliant help, directing us to existing resources we could make use of and always available at the end of the phone to guide us through the process."

Rosa Firbank,
Evolve Movement Education
Great program to improve training delivery and marketing literature!

The Pilates Place Studios have been a strong supporter of the PMA and its perseverance in creating minimum standards of Pilates Teacher Certificate Programs. 

The PSAP is a great program! Undergoing the approval process has helped our school streamline and improve many aspects of our Beyond the Basics Pilates Teacher Certificate Program, including our marketing literature, training delivery,  lesson plan implementation and other organizational features of our training program.   

We encourage all schools to pursue PSAP approval. The approval process was long and very detailed but the PSAP team was very helpful throughout the entire process.  

Louis Gonzales,
Beyond The Basics
Marketing exposure and a competitive edge.

"PSAP helped our school develop professional standards in Pilates education and assisted us in the further improvement of our school.

At Gerda Pilates, we are now more transparent and successful as a school. PSAP approval gives us a competitive edge and the program provides a lot of marketing exposure for our school. PSAP gives prospective students valuable information about our school, which puts us in front of other schools in Turkey.

PSAP supported the improvement of our educational standards and the overall quality of our program."

Harun Ergül,
Gerda Pilates
A way to provide clear information to our students.

"The templates provided by PSAP, like the School Catalog or the Enrollment Agreement, have greatly helped us provide clear information and documentation to our students.


Having our school name on the PSAP website is also very helpful to recruit students."

Seong Yun Lee,
Lynn Pilates Academy
Clarity in your vision and boost in confidence.

"The PSAP application is a Mt. Everest documentation process. Through the experience, you’ll find clarity in your Pilates vision and get a boost in confidence and courage from doing the work. As you progress, you’ll see what next steps to take in your business and will gain the inner strength to take those steps. The award itself is wonderful but the unexpected ways you’ll grow by putting yourself to the test is its true value."

Patricia Medros,
Patricia Medros Pilates
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