What you can expect when applying to the PSAP:

  • The reasonable timeframe to complete the application is 3 to 6 months.
    The amount of time required for completion is particular to each school. There are certain factors that affect the amount of time required:


    1. The allocation of time: School representatives choose the number of hours they can commit to completing the Self-Study Report in a given week. There is no deadline to complete the application. The process is intended to engender self-reflection and program review. It is designed to assist applicants in refining existing policies and adopting new ones in their mission to comply with the Standards.

    2. Adjustments and changes: Submission of a completed Self-Study Report triggers a review process. Often, the applicant will be asked to provide further explanations before approval. 

  • Applications are accepted all year long. 

  • Approved schools are required to submit a yearly report outlining any significant changes to their program in the prior year, and pay the Annual Renewal Application Fee.

  • Re-application for approval is required every 5 years.