Main locations and additional locations

Main locations are: 

  1. Schools that offer their own teacher training program at one location.

  2. Schools that offer a third party's teacher training program (whether via license or other arrangement) at one location, and have institutional policies and procedures that are independent of the third party.

Additional locations are: 

  1. Licensees, affiliates and host sites. The definitions of these terms differ from school to school, but the consensus is that generally, additional locations are licensees or affiliates. This determination is based on the following parameters, which will be used to approve “additional locations” by the PSAP:

The main school, which must be PSAP-Approved, must assert the following:


  • An additional location meets all the standards.

  • There exist specific training and oversight mechanisms to assure continuity of program delivery (philosophy), assessments, curriculum review, and management selection. 

  • A strong relationship between the program director and the person in charge at the additional location exists (evidence must be provided). A “strong relationship” will be determined through the narrative provided including: regular communication, established parameters for the oversight of the program delivery, and a clear understanding of the school’s philosophy.

  • Additional locations use the same documents as the main location, including but not limited to, catalog,         enrollment agreement, assessments, policies and procedures, management structures, and curriculum. 

If you are unsure which category you fall into, please contact us for assistance.